Insight UCD – Children’s Health and Safety Application

Children’s Health and Safety Android application and website. Android application used for kids to learn health and safety with activities such as quizzes, exercise, facts. Their work is scored and added to a leaderboard against other users maybe from their school. The website is used to view the leaderboard, and also for parents and teachers to view the progress of their children on their application. Android application developed in Android (Java and XML) and website developed in PHP and HTML with a backend developed in PHP with a MYSQL database. Team of 3 in summer 2014 where I and the other members designed and coded the ground work of the application. UCD use this for research in schools.

I returned in the summer 2015 to continue on the work of the childrens health and safety application and complete the project to a usable state for UCD’s research

Here are Screenshots of the project:

Android App:




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