Final Year Project – Elderly Location Tracking System

Elderly Tracking System. Tracks the movement and activities of elderly users of the application and allow them to use the information to help them in everyday life. Wi-Fi and NFC tags used to discern when user is in a certain location or activity. A schedule of the elderly user is built up. This allows doctor to view charts of the user’s life on the application and website and discern whether the user is liking correctly. This schedule also allows for push notifications to carer’s when a user goes wandering or reminders to take medication. Android application developed in Android (Java and XML) and website developed in PHP and HTML with a backend developed in PHP with a MYSQL database. For this project I brought the application from the design phase right through to development and then testing. This project was a massive undertaking but was a great experience which aided me greatly in my coding and also time keeping experience.
I gained a 2.1 grade for this project.

Here are Screenshots of the project:

Android App:




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